Adai/Breakfast menu/Lentils recipe, From start to end in Tamil-With English Subtitles

Adai/Breakfast menu/Lentils recipe, From start to end in Tamil-With English Subtitles

Hello friends, today's recipe is Adai.

Lets start.

Firstly we need to soak all these ingredients.

One cup parboiled rice, 1/4th cup channa dal, 1/4th cup toor dal, 1 tbsp.

moong dal Wash thoroughly well 3 times and soak all the rice and dals for 2hrs.

Later strain the water Here is the soaked rice and dals.

Take one teaspoon fennel seeds,5 dry red chillies,1/2 tsp salt and grind it in a blender Here is the powdered fennel seeds and dry chillies,now add the rice & dals to it Grind it to a coarse consistency without adding water for about 3mins in medium speed.

This is the coarsely grinded batter and I am using my hand to show the consistency.

Now add required water to make into a thick batter as shown Add required salt, chopped 2 onions(shallots gives more taste), 5 curry leaves You can also add cashews and sliced coconut as shown, I have not used as my kids don't like.

I am going to prepare as adai and if you prefer you can add more water and prepare like dosai Heat dosa griddle and add few drops oil and wipe it This is the consistency and gently spread in a spoon as shown Add oil to the sides After 2mins make space in between as shown, as it will make it cook evenly Add oil in the spaces You can see the back side has turned brown and now flip it the other side Add oil and let it cook another 2 mins Flip it again and its ready now.

Add ghee as a spread as it enhances the flavor, though optional better to avoid if health conscious It is a good protein rich breakfast menu and now its ready to serve It goes well with Avial as side dish.

I have shown in one of my other video for Avial,please view it Also coconut chutney is good with it Friends, Its ready to eat with Avial and Coconut chutney for breakfast For this pudina or onion chutneys are strong flavoured, a simple coconut chutney, avial and even tomato ketchup is good for kids As there is Rice and Dals in it, its a good source of carbs and proteins and I suggest for Breakfast.

You can prepare this batter and keep in fridge and can use it for 2 days Try this Adai recipe and if you like kindly like and subscribe to my videos.

Thank you.

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