Breakfast Breads from Rothbury Farms

Breakfast Breads from Rothbury Farms


Okay, who was it that said'I've never met a slice of bread that I didn't like?' Allright, nobody ever said it, but I happen to love bread, so I'mecstatic over our returning guest, bread expert and culinarychef and my friend, AJ Shepler of Rothbury Farms.

Welcome back! Thank you, it's fantastic to beback.

Thanks for being here.

Allright, this is a fabulous spread.

I wish all those peopleout there could smell.

Smell it,it's delicious, it smells like breakfast, doesn't it? It smellslike breakfast, lunch, dinner, it smells like I'm getting up attwo in the morning to eat.

Butyou're not.

I'm not- That'swhere we're going with this, you're not going to be up at 2AMcooking.

It's early morning andwe're going to talk about bread.

Let me tell ya, from what I usedto eat when I was a little girl to what bread is today- We atRothbury Farms have created a wonderful line of breakfastbreads that are savory and they're gonna cut a lot of timeout of your recipe development.

It's like bringing grandpa'srecipe- Grandpa's oven to your table.

I know, I love it! Okay,so what do we have over there? Okay, so to start off we've gotan awesome baked pumpkin swirl french toast, I mean this isgonna be a time saver because you're gonna marinate this thenight before in your custard mix, just like you would afrench toast, but you're gonna let it sit overnight, and you'regonna get up in the morning, maybe an hour before, pop it inthe oven.

When everybody startsto wake up to those beautiful fumes- Can you imagine? It'sgonna be delicious.

They'regonna wake up and they're gonna be wowed.

I'm already wowed.

Andit's fresh pumpkin that's going in there, we're not using highfructose corn syrup, we're not using artificial ingredients.

We're using real fruits in thesethings.

It makes a hugedifference.

So if that's maybe alittle bit out of your league, just take it, toast it off inthe morning, serve it with your favorite jam spreads, you can dopeanut butter- Okay, I love this one here.

The apple fritterfrench toast.

This looks sinful.

It's absolutely delicious.

Ijust want to eat it, go ahead tell me- Fresh apples are inthere, it's got a nice swirl in there, just like you would dowith normal french toast, but you're adding another layer,adding some apples to it, and then you can top it with, we'vegot a nice caramel sauce there with some bruleed apples.

Youcan do peaches onto it, you can do strawberries, again, top itwith your favorites.

What'sthis? It's a pecan pumpkinfrench toast bake.

Instead ofdoing this big thing, if you just want some individual ones,maybe you want to do a couple days in a row, put them inlittle ramekins, bake them off in the morning, you gotbreakfast to go.

Now, raisinbread has always been my favorite, we don't have it outhere- We don't.

But it's astaple.

It is a staple, it'sbeen around for a long time, but again, we're using wholesomeingredients going into that.

Andmonkey bread, what is that? It'sgot cinnamon, it's got raisins, but instead of doing a swirlpattern we chop it up so you got all this nice marbling ofingredients in there.

Give it anice little different texture to it.

And I have to repeat this, Ithink this is so cute.

Grandpa'soven? Grandpa's oven.

You takegreat pride with that, don't you? This is what our companywas really founded on.

The ideaof wholesome ingredients coming from your grandma or grandpa'soven.

We're gonna make a littlemonte cristo, or at least it's going to be my version of montecristo.


It's a little bitdifferent.

So, we're going tostart off with some of our cinnamon swirl bread, and we'regonna do a little butter on the outside of it.

Because everyoneneeds butter in their life.

So alittle turkey, kind of keep it on the lean side.

We got alittle smoked gouda, to step it up a notch.

Oh, that looks good.

And then granny smith apples, Ilike the tartness of the granny smith apples.

And it really justsets off this monte cristo.

Iwould have never thought of this.

Again, a little bit morebutter on the outside of this, and we're just gonna let thisroll for a little bit, and then you've got this gorgeous lookingcaramelization on the outside, serve it with the raspberrypurees, cause that's what makes a monte cristo.

So, I'm gonnalet you- I'm gonna take my piece, that's gonna be yourpiece.


And we're going todo this together, okay? What'sthat? It's the raspberry puree.

Okay, okay.

You gotta make ittraditional.

You ready for this? Okay.

Oh yeah.

You get thoselayers, that cinnamon, just sets it off a little bit more.

Thisis really good.

All therecipes are available at RothburyFarms.

Com so feel free,go, explore, enjoy, and modify 'em.

Modify them to your tastes.

You can come back anytime.

Awesome, thank you for havingme.

One more time, give me thewebsite? RothburyFarms.



Com, this is sogood.

Isn't it, though I'm gonnago for another.

You're the best,and for more information on delicious breakfast breads andmore, isn't he adorable? VisitRothburyFarms.

Com or go to our website theBalancingAct.



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