Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

GUY: Our chefs are cookingevery meal on the menu.

We're talking breakfast.

Is that sugar?-Yeah.

Oh, my goodness.


-I got this.

And dinner.

Who can go strong.

[ Siren wails ].

All night long tonighton "Triple G"? Welcome to"Guy's Grocery Games.

" Four chefs are about to cooka day's worth of meals while wheeling arounda market.

Let's meet them.

Now, first up,we got Jered Young, a South Carolina chef who makesbreakfast every morning using eggs laidby his wife's chickens.


JERED:I started cooking 20 years ago.

My cooking style is balancingtexture and flavor.

I have 12 hens and the best eggsfor breakfast you will ever eat.

Chef,nice to have you, brother.

Then we've got Daniella Davis, a personal chef from Long Islandwho cooks three meals daily.

Cooking began for meat age 5 with my dad.

Everything was from scratch, and it wasjust a great experience and really what developedmy love for cooking.


Whoa, hey, hey, hey.

I like that.

And then there's Ann Taylor, a culinary instructorfor the past 21 years from my old stomping groundsof Las Vegas.

The day in the life of aculinary instructor like myself is pretty challenging sometimes.

Fantastic kids come throughmy program every year.

It's very exciting to see thempursue their dreams.


-Viva Las Vegas.

-Nice to have you.

-Nice to be here.

Thank you.

And finally, James Fauser, a lunch/dinner sous-chefin Chicago.

My daughter Julianna's reallyproud that I cook in Chicago.

Being a single parent isdefinitely difficult, but today I'm gonna put my bestfoot forward for my daughter.

There we go.

Okay, chefs,they say it's important to have three square mealsa day, but for one of you, makingbreakfast, lunch, and dinner is going to be your ticketto a rich dessert — a shopping spree worth upto $20,000.

So, I want you to start off with the most important mealof the day.

I want you to make the judgesa sweet and savory breakfast.

Sound good?-Sounds great.

-Sounds good.

-Sounds good.

-I'm ready.

Chefs, to your carts.

Good luck.

JERED:Thinking there's something.

There's a curve ballgonna come our way.

GUY: I don't want someà la carte breakfast.

Carte, carte.

Oh, that's right.

You see,this is a little fun game we like to call"Clearance Carts.

" Items that have beenprice reduced for your benefitand satisfaction.

ANN: Here we arein this huge grocery store with all of these wonderfulingredients that we can't pick from.

Thank me later.

You do not take offto the clearance carts until I saythree, two, one, go, okay? This is the worst.

I'd love to have a plan, but I can't have a plan tillI see what's in these carts.

Look at the offerings.

I mean,how does it get any better? Oh, my gosh.

ANN: I see, like,doughnut holes and milk, and I see a few thingsthat I think I could use.

I've been a culinary teacherfor 21 years, and I always tell my students breakfastis the most important meal.

So I see a containerof liquid eggs, and I'm thinking I can make myhusband's favorite frittata.

Sausage? I see some sausage,and I see some bacon and I think, "Bingo!" I can makemy bacon-wrapped sausage.

-That's a good find.


I make it with sugarand caramelize it in the ovenfor a sweet component.

I have some pretty good stuffout of this cart, so I'm gonna headto the second cart.

Nacho cheese.

Like that's not fantastic.

My husband's favoritefrittata has potatoes, so I grab the waffle fries.

What do you got here? I see some cheeseand I grab that.

Think I'm ready to go createa sweet and savory breakfast.

JAMES: I have worked at so manyvegan/vegetarian restaurants.

Having to think on your feet and come up with somethingout of nothing is definitely an advantage.

I see this fruit yogurt,and I'm like, "I can do something with this, whether it's in a batteror a sauce.

" I see these eggs and I nabbedthem up as soon as I could.

I see Soyrizo, baby bagels.

I can make my fried French toastin a little bit of spicy Soyrizo with a nice little yogurtgrapefruit sauce on it.

You're going with a littlegrapefruit soda, huh? Why not? There's nothing like making themost important meal of the day with the least amountof offering ingredients in the store.

Poor, poor, poor.

JERED:Breakfast for me is typicallya simple savory dish.

I don't really incorporate thesweet and the savory together.

That is the difficult partof this challenge.

We're gonna be getting the shortend of the stick on this cart.

I bet they got the good one.

I'm hoping chicken or waffles, or even just waffles andsomething I can put a twist on.

All right.

There's no chicken,there's no waffles.

Dog food.

[ Chuckles ] Next I find bananas, and I havethe idea for a banana split.

When I find the linguiça, goodand sweet and spicy and salty, and it's something I would eatfor breakfast.

I've got meat, I've got cheese.

I can make a savory banana splitbreakfast.

GUY: Take it with you.

Get cooking.

That is gonna be theadventurous move I need to make.


Ice cream.

I find the ice cream,and I find the chocolate milk.

This is gonna bemy sweet aspect.

Being a private chef,I normally cook for families, and I have a lot roomfor creativity.

I can work with ingredients I normally don't work within a restaurant.

So, I'm looking throughthat clearance cart.

I see the ham, and I know thatI can use that in a savory dish.

Hop cheese? I grab some plantains.

Growing up in a Trinidadianhousehold, we eat a lot of them.

But I know that I can makeplantain hash.

I grab peach baby food.

I grab pumpkin puree.

I'm thinking I can mix itinto some sort of sauce.

I immediately know the flavorsof the pumpkin and the plantain and the peach baby food is gonnawork out the way I want it.

And I see some duck eggs.

I'm not sure I want to eat eggsfrom a clearance cart.

Plantain and duck eggs.

Like, it's breakfast, so I know I can do somethingreally nice with duck eggs.

Here to square offabout our three square meals is our discerning panelof judges.

Don't look at me, Marc.

Author of the food blog"Little Lights of Mine" and motherof two awesome kids — give it up for Ayesha Curry.

Restaurateur, cook book author,and one fantastic chef, one of my favorites –Brian "Shenanigans" Malarkey.

And finally, Food Network host,TV super icon, my mentor, Marc Summers.

GUY: What do we got? ANN: Bacon-wrapped sausageand caramelize it in a frittata.

Call it pig on pig.

Pig on pig — well, I've gotsome interpretations of that.

Normally when I makebacon-wrapped sausage, it takes two hours.

And I have less than 30 minutes.

I get the sausage brown,and I wrap the bacon around it.

And I can't find toothpicksto hold it in place, so it's kind of going all over.

-Ugh! Now I get the sugar,start caramelizing.

-Is that sugar?-Yeah.

Oh, my goodness.

Because it has to besweet and savory.

So, now I have tostart my frittata.

I have the perfect job.

I've been a culinary teacherfor 21 years at a high school in Las Vegas.

I love to empowerthose students, and I really want my studentsand my children and my grandchildrento see me do this.

And personally, I need todo this for myself, too.

Okay, talk to me aboutwhat's going on over here.

Chef, I have a plantain hash that I'm going to do witha peach and pumpkin puree.

Peach and pumpkin puree? Fried up duck egg.



-We'll get there.

I likethat you're in control.

So, my hash is going.

I feel really good about that.

I know those flavors are there.

You know,I have a lot of medical bills.

I was diagnosedwith Sickle-cell at birth, and this $20,000 would reallyhelp alleviate some of that stress.

Now I really just hopemy sweet is gonna cut it.

Pumpkin puree,peach baby food — I'm mixing them together,add a little sugar to it, hoping I can createsome sort of sauce, or you know, hopefullythat will marry with my savory part of my dish.

21 minutes to play! I'm making sausage and cheeseon top of grilled bananas with strawberry ice creamand chocolate milk.


I'm thinking everyoneis making eggs.

They're expecting meto make eggs, and I'm gonna take itanother route and really surprise everyone.

I get the linguiça cooking justto get a little color on there to warm it up and brownthe edges 'cause I know it's gotthat sugar element in it that is gonna give itthe caramelization and the flavor I need.

Throw the bananas on the grill.

I want to get some markson them.

I want to get some colorto them.

I want to get a little charon them, and I want to heat them up.

MARC: Jered, what are youmaking in there? A breakfast banana split.



JERED: I've got bananas,I've got ice cream, I've got chocolate milk.

ALL:"Breakfast Banana Split.

" -[ Laughs ]-Linguiça.

Chef,what are we working on? Deep-fried french toast.

Funnel cake style batter witha little bit of spicy Soyrizo.

I mean, who doesn't like toparty with grapefruit soda? Give it up — going gangster.

I wanted my battered bagelto taste sugary to an extent, 'cause I had the Soyrizo that was gonnabe a little bit spicy and some jalapeñosthat were gonna be spicy with it to create a sweet and savorybreakfast.

The Soyrizo — you definitelywant to flip it around and cook it all the way and geta little bit of caramelization.

This is a very crazy sweetand savory combination, and I'm just hopingthat the judges will like it.

BRIAN:There's a fine line betweena sweet and savory breakfast and really forcingingredients together.

Chefs, we have 11 minutes.

You need to be plated in 11.

Good luck.

Talk to me.

-We're doing thisawesome Soyrizo.

-How is the spice on that?-It's good.

A little funky,but, you know, it's great.

That's not bad at all.

You got enough sweetto counterbalance that.


JAMES:But I needed some sort of sauce.

It's another little componentto dip this French toast into.

Throwing the cocktail syrupinto it, I'm throwingthe grapefruit soda into it just to give ita little bit more than just a thick yogurt taste.

My daughter loves sweets.

Whenever I get to give herbeignets or a donut, she's the first oneto lick the frosting off, lick the powdered sugar.

She's just always happyand fun-loving and so caring.

She's a true inspiration to me.

DANIELLA:I see time running out.

I know I'm not gonna have enoughtime to fry all these eggs.

So I just go and scramble them.

And hopefully that will go goodin the hash.

I start to brush my pureeon the plate.

I notice it's not really ascreamy as I wanted it to be.

I'm looking at my dish — I know I have some good flavorsin there, and I just hope that it comestogether well for the judges.

Okay, Chef,tell me what we have here.

I have zucchini, garlic,a type of frittata.

Not a lot of time! Your studentsare gonna be proud because you're here doing it.

A lot of people could talkabout doing it.

You're doing it.

Pulled the potatoesout of the fryer — I decided to throw them in.

Oh, zucchini.

So I'm hopingthis is a good idea.

Oh, dear.

Now I can start adding the eggs.

I'm nervous about Jered because he said he was gonnatake ice cream, bananas, make a banana splitfor breakfast, but then he's gonna putsausage in it.

Is it putting the sausage in,Marc, that's weird for you? Yeah, just a tad.

Three minutes! JERED: Winning $20,000,the money will go to making a down paymentfor a house for my wife and I.

We've been rentersfor quite some time, and I'd really liketo settle down and have that secure placeso that we can start a family.

I ended up in restaurantsbecause — I actually started outwaiting tables.

Found out that it didn'treally make me happy, and I kept finding myselfgravitating towards the kitchen.

Started cooking almost20 years ago in fine dining.

And it was a groupthat I found I fit in with well.

I just hope I make somethingthat is elevated enough to win.

I've got to get this crapout of the way, right? So, time's running out,and I don't even have time to get this frittata intothe oven to finish it off.

-30 seconds!-Oh! ANN: I'm just scrambling upthese eggs as best as I can.

I am feeling so frantic.

My kitchen is a mess.

-10, 9, 8, 7.

-Aah! -Oh, my God.


6, 5, 4, 3.


2, 1.

Whew! GUY: Stop cooking.

Whoa! -Whoa.

-Welcome to "Triple G".

Judges, this is Game 1 of the Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerCook-off.

The chefs had to makea sweet and savory breakfast.

Chef James, why don't youtell us about your dish? I made fried French toast, kind of likea funnel cake batter on some grapefruit soda,fruit yogurt, powdered sugarI threw on top, a little bit of Soyrizo and somefried jalapeños on the ends, and there'sjust a little bit more of that yogurt sauceon the bottom.

I think this is like takinga trip down the midway at the Indiana State Fair.


I'm a Midwest boy.

The jalapeño'sgot some nice kick, and it is the antithesisto our sweet.


Thank you, sir.

So, I have to sayI actually love the funnel cake batter bagel.

It's actually deliciousand tastes like a funnel cake in its true form,so great job there.

But the cocktail fruit — I feel like it's unnecessaryon the plate.

And then the Soyrizohas great flavor, but the flavorson the plate aren't marrying.

It just seems liketwo separate entities.

Thank you.

JAMES:My combination was veryout there for these judges.

The first thing in my head is,"Well, I'll see you guys later.

" All right, up next, Chef Ann.

What do you got for us? I have a garlic zucchinifrittata with a Mexican cheeseover the top, and then for my sweet, I have wrapped sausagewith bacon and caramelized with sugar.

Ann, I really likethe sugar on the bacon.

It has nice caramelization.

Thank you.

But it's not reallya frittata now.

It's a scramble.

The scramble has great flavor.

The only suggestion I would have if you had a little more time toget that frittata into the oven so it could puff up.

Thank you.

I'm not really confidentat this point.

This is not whatI teach my students.

Up next, Chef Daniella.

What do you have for us, Chef? Today, chefs,I have for you a plantain hash with scrambled duck eggwith a pumpkin and peach puree.

-Daniella, the flavors are nice.


But I'm very impressedby the texture of the plantain.

I wish the pureeswere a little smoother.


I think you did getenough sweet in there to give me a nicesweet and savory, but some of the consistenciesthat were a little off for me.


Thank you.

I think this is one situation of maybe tryinga little bit too hard.

The peach puree,the baby food there.

You were throwing that injust to be sweet.

It doesn't really workin this dish.


DANIELLA:My dish may be too sweet.

I just hope the judges don'ttake that into too much account.

Last but not least, the manthat put cheese on bananas.

Chef Jered.

Judges,what I made for you today is a breakfast banana split.

I took bananas,grilled them off.

I topped those with linguiçasausage for a savory element, some cheddar cheese.

I gave you some strawberryice cream on the side with a little crushed-ups'mores granola bar and a shot of chocolate milkto finish.

Jered, my friend,cheese and bananas were two things I never dreamedof in my entire life.

Grilled banana is darn good, but you were tryingto do sweet and savory for sweet and savory's sake, and, um, I just thinkit's a hodgepodge.

Thank you.

I think you're reallykind of capturing and going with the sweet.

I think you have the sweet ideadown perfectly.

The linguiça and the cheeseis great together, but the banana and the linguiçaare a little bit off for me.

But I love the ice cream.

-Thank you.

Think of the judges — everybodyhas their own personal taste.

Hopefully, I appeal to them.

We've got sweet, we've gotsavory, we've got breakfast.

I'm gonna leave the judgesto deliberate.

Chefs, back to the kitchens, and we'll call youwhen we have a decision.

Thank you.

-Sounds great.

-Thank you.

-Thank you, guys.

Difficult challenge,short selection of items.

That was the first round, and I thinkthey all got frazzled with whatthey had to work with.

Thank you, judges.

Unfortunately, opportunitydidn't knock for somebody.

The chef that will be checkingout and going home will be.

Chef Jered.

Jered, it just kind of hita flat note with the banana.

Had it been a plantain, it probably would havereally nailed it, you know? But it was fun and we gota lot spirit in there, man.

So, thank you very much.

-Thank you.

JERED: Looking back,I wish I would have maybe deep-fried those bananas.

That could have maybe helped me.

I really just went for it hoping that big swingwould come through for me, and it just didn't.

Congratulations, chefs.

You've conquered breakfast.

Now I want you to makethe judges "A Family Lunch" — a mid-day mealthat everybody's gonna love.

You good at lunch? -Love lunch.

-You did great at breakfast.

That was some crazy stuff.

I know that you weren'treally thrilled with the opportunity carts.

Oh, they were great.

[ Laughs ] Speak for yourself.

So I'm going to really give youfree reign of the market.

-Yeah, right.


And then.

? Free reign.

Chefs, to your carts.

They don't believe mefor some reason.

Judges, do you trust me? -Absolutely.




[ Laughter ] 3, 2.

What, you don't thinkI'm gonna say "1, go"? Still got it! [ Laughter ] Lunch is something thatI cook for my staff every day.

They love my tuna salad,so I'm thinking to myself, instead of tuna salad, we'regonna do a grilled salmon salad.

I want to make this open-facedgrilled salmon salad sandwich.

I'm running through produce.

The romaine — I just knowthat I need something to hold the saladon top of the bread and give it a nice littlecrunch factor.

I'm grabbing carrots,onion, celery to make my mirepoix to then addto this grilled salmon salad.

I knew there wassomething I was missing.

I should have madethis a lunch special.

I know! I'll make ita "Red Light Special.

" They love "Red Light Specials.

" ANN: My plan is — automatically popsin my head — soup and sandwich, right? So I run for the ingredientsfor zucchini soup.

So I grab the chicken stockand head to produce.

[ Alarm blares ] Attention shoppers — we have a "Red Light Special" here at Flavortown Market.

In Aisle 2, enjoy some Hidden Valley Original Ranch.

We've got to add ranchto our dish.

Now what? I got this perfect planto do this wonderful dish, and then all of a sudden youhear the "Red Light Special," and here's where the wheelsfall off the train.

Just the original.

Very nice.

Thanks for shopping.

There you go.


My students put ranchon everything.

What am I gonna do with it? I don't know yet.

JAMES:I really wanted to make a nice mayonnaise-basedgrilled salmon salad, and I'm like,"Okay, let's just throw this ranch dressing in there.

" I don't necessarily needto go to the season aisle to grab a bunch of spicesto up this mayonnaise that I was gonna make.

DANIELLA:"Family Lunch" — you know, my grandmother makesa lot of seafood, so I'm thinkingbacon-wrapped prawns on a nice, light saladfor lunch.

I hear the Hidden Valley ranch.

It did not throw me off.

I cook with ranch dressinga lot, and I know that I'm going tomarinate my shrimp in it.

Only the original.

There you go.

Only the original.

So I immediately run to producewhere I see Spring Mix.

I get some fresh appleto add the sweetness to it.

BRIAN: I want ranch to beprevalent in this meal, and I want to seewhat they did with the ranch and if they highlightedthat ingredient.

JAMES: First thing I do is getthe salmon on the grill to sear it off a little bitso it'll be nice and medium.

I start to chop up my vegetablesto make my mirepoix and addto this grilled salmon salad.

In my bowl, I got carrots,onions, celery.

I start throwing insome of the ranch dressing to get this creamy, fresh,crunchy grilled salmon salad.

GUY:What are you making? I'm making a nice littlelike grilled salmon.

That's all the salmonyou're gonna use? You got to give me a momentto breathe, brother.

I got this.

You want me to get youa chaise lounge? You can grab me oneof those beers if you want.

My grandma would always usea lot of seafood for lunch, dinners, things like that, so family lunch means to me, you know, you're at homewith your grandmother.

I want to make you feel like you're getting that nice,wonderful home-cooked meal.

All right, how we looking? I saw the baconget toasted off.


-Head-on shrimp.

Doing the ranchbacon-wrapped shrimp.

And the Hidden Valleyis on the shrimp? I'm gonna marinade them.

Package deal.

I realize I havefull head-on shrimp that I now need to clean offall the shells.

For lunch, I don't want to workthat hard, quite honestly.

I don't want to sit thereand rip off the shells.

Neither do I! [ Laughter ] Normally, I would marinatethem overnight.

I don't have time to reallylet that ranch dressing resinate through the shrimp, so I just toss them in thereand hope for the best.

ANN: My plan is zucchini soupand a turkey bagel sandwich.

Normally, is soup hard to makein less than half an hour, but as long as I can get thatzucchini tender, I'm good.

Less than 20 minutes! If I win $20,000 today, the money could get someof my students to Reno for their nextcooking competition, opportunities to winscholarships and experience.

Ann's making a soup.

She's got the chicken stock.

She's got the button mushrooms,some celery, and onion.

Is soup gonna be enough to,like, get through this round? She's obviously gonna have to dosome sort of protein complement to the soup.

Being a single parentis definitely difficult, but daughter Julianna's reallyproud that I cook in Chicago.

She loves to tell her friends that I work atall these fun restaurants that she gets to go eat at.

$20,000 –that would be amazing.

A lot would go to my daughter, and I'd like to be ableto give back to my parents for helping me out so much.

So I throw all the potatoesinto the fryer.

These are thin enough.

They should get a nicebrown color and become a full-on chipinstead of a potato slice.

GUY: Good-looking dishyou got going here.

-Thank you, Chef.

-What would you dowith the money? Pay off some of these hospitalbills I got to deal with.

It'd be a lot of money.

A lot of hospital bills.

A lot of hospital bills.

DANIELLA:My medical bills come fromall over the country.

I travel as a chef.

$20,000 would really helpalleviate some of that stress.

Soup is coming along perfectly.

If I was giving myself a gradeon this soup, this is an A-plus.

So at school with the kids, we make our own bagelsand we roast our own turkey, but obviously no timeto make bagels, no time to roast turkey.

So I'm hoping this ranchcream cheese spread will be enough to spruce upthis sandwich.

Peppers are my friends.

So for my spread,I'm gonna use cream cheese, the roasted red peppers,and that ranch.

I knowthat this is a family lunch.

Soup and sandwich –it's pretty basic.

But then again, I did makea soup in half an hour.

GUY: One minute! DANIELLA: So I seethat my bacon's unraveling.

I don't have enough bacon cookedoff to wrap around the shrimp, so I'm gonna take itand chop it up and turn it into some sort ofcrumbled on top of the shrimp.

-I got this.

-5, 4.

3, 2, 1.

Stop working.

Just made it.

All right, judges.

Here we are.

Game 2 of our breakfast, lunch,and dinner showdown.

Chefs had to preparea family lunch using our "Red Light Special," the Hidden Valleyranch dressing.

Chef Daniella,tell us what you made.

DANIELLA:Today, chefs, I preparedfor you ranch grilled shrimp topped with some ranch bacon and a little lightbaby arugula salad with chives, apple,cherry tomatoes, tossed in red wine vinegarand olive oil.

AYESHA:It's a great grilled shrimp.

The bacon on that is phenomenal.

I like that the saladhas apples.

It has a nice freshness.

I love the vinaigrettethat you put on there.

I do wish that maybe you hadincorporated the ranch somehow into the dressing.

You would have had likea ranch vinaigrette instead.

Daniella,it's really great flavors.

I think the idea of usingthe ranch as a marinade is brilliant, but I want more greensand shrimp on top.


Where this dish failed, there's not more of it becausethe flavor's really good.

DANIELLA: My plate does looka little small, but I know the flavorsare there.

I know I got good thingson the plate, and I'm hoping that will carryme over to the next round.

Chef James.

JAMES: I did likea grilled salmon salad.

Used the Hidden Valley ranchas my creamy component on a piece of toasted sourdoughwith a little bit of romaine and then a little side of chipswith some Old Bay Seasoning.

I think that the ranchreally highlighted the freshness of the salmon.

It was incredible.

I would have likeda little bit of maybe caper, a little brine,a little lemon zest.

It was nice.

It could have beena little bit better.

Sounds good.

You went downthe Marc Summers memory lane a couple of times here.

First of all —You're gonna need therapy.

That's right.

Potato chips — spot-on.

I mean, they were really good.

And my big problemis just this hunk o' bread.

Other than that,I mean, flavor was there.

I liked the composureon the plate, and I liked the wayyou used the Hidden Valley.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, if Marc can't cut itwith a spork, we got issues.

[ Laughter ] Thank you very much.

Kind of wish I would have gottena nice, fluffier bread.

Up next, Chef Ann.

ANN: It's a pureed zucchinimushroom onion soup.

Then the sandwich is where Iincorporated the ranch dressing with some turkey on a bagel.

The soup — it's fantastic.

I love it.

I do wish — it's creamy soup, so you have incorporatedthat ranch somehow in there.

But the sandwich is phenomenal.

Ann, the soup is fantastic.

Very well-seasoned.

But I'm gonna fault you.

You got processed turkey, and there was so many moregreat options in this market.

Thank you.

My soup was a home run, but the sandwich wasa little questionable.

We'll see what happens.

Judges, thank you.

Chefs, I'll ask you to returnto the kitchens, and we will call you backonce we have a decision.

Who's safe? James is definitely safe.

It comes down betweenAnn and Daniella.

It's easy to me.

Thank you very much, judges.

Let's bring the chefs back in.

You incorporated the ingredient,but who played the game? The chef that will be checkingout here in Round 2 will be.

Chef Daniella.

It was all aboutthe family lunch.

It was so tough.

I got to tell you.

You've got a great future.

Thanks for being here.

Appreciate it.

Thank you so much.

I'm happy with everythingthat I made today.

I came here to show offmy cooking, and that's exactly what I did.

I'm very happy.

Well, congratulations,chefs.

You made itto the final round.

This challenge will decidewho pulls off the hat trick and makes a winning breakfast,lunch, dinner, and shops forup to 20,000 bucks.

I want to give one of youa chance to earn a little advantagein this next game with a quick quiz that we liketo call "Know Your Varieties.

" Varieties of mushrooms,for instance.

Give me a few.

Oyster, Cremini, Shiitake.

Where we going? Fantastic.

So, I'm gonna list severalvarieties of the same food item and I want you to go and get meany variety of that food item.

The first chef to do thatand bring it back is gonna win the advantage.

"Know Your Varieties.

" It hits me — it's French fries, and I go to run to getthe French fries in the freezer section.

Yeah! The elbow! And I'm running my hardestwith these fries, and I just throw them at him.

Aah! Congratulations, Ann.

French fries.

Uh, you get the advantagein this.

But what is this advantage? So for the final mealof the day, I want you to make the judgesa steakhouse dinner.

One that they would gowheely wild.

Wheely, wheely wild.

Wheely?Wheely wild? Does someone go wheely wild? Oh, really.

I mean, "Really.

" What I meant to say is that we wheely havethe food wheel for you today.

This is really –people love this.

They don't actually.

They hate it.

Guy, come on! With a couple of spins, we'regonna determine your protein that you get to work with and the budget for your dinner.

Steakhouse dinner witha big budget of say, $6.


Using your protein of frozenSalisbury steaks.

JAMES: The last thing I wantis Salisbury steak.

It's like what you getin those microwavable dinners.

That says steakhouse.

Do you feel good about this? Step right up, Ann.



What would you like to get? I'd like Filet Mignonor lamb chops.


Chef James.

I want the stripor the rib-eye.

Let's go.

Let's get after it.

Wow, you really owned that one,didn't you? Not bad.

New York strip.


Step up, step in, come in,and win.

I would love the $30, yeah.


Give it a good spin, buddy.

Big spin.

There you go.

That is a spin.

That is a spin.

I'm sensing — I'm sensingsomething in the $6 — -Keep going.


50? [ Groaning ] We'll get you someNew York strips that we'll have waitingin your station.


50 to shop withto buy all your accoutrements.

"Steakhouse Dinner.

" Chefs, to your carts, please.



This is not good! But I got to think of somethingand fast.

30 minutes to shop, purchase — got to go through the line,got to check out — prepare, and plateyour steakhouse dinnerfor the judges.

This all goes down right nowat 3, 2, 1, go.

Who's going to be the winner,winner, steakhouse dinner? ANN: I'm gonna makethis grilled New York strip.

I really wanted to incorporateeggplant and pepper ragout.

I think it's just awesome.

Hey, where's the price?! So, I grab some garlicand I wanted to get some thyme, but it's just too expensive,so I got to find another way to incorporate flavorinto this dish.

Oh, shoot.

I need salad.

So I'm making a salad because you have to have greenswith a steakhouse dinner.

GUY:What are you looking for? Some decent mozzarella, but I think it's gonna betoo expensive.

I'm normally a pretty bigbudget shopper, but I'm freaking out, man.

An extra dollar.


-Keep that between us,all right?-Okay.

You got $10.

50to shop with.

Didn't seem that wowedby the extra dollar, but.

Advantage is I getan extra dollar.

I want to get potatoesto make fried potatoes.


And I need this.

And I have to have this.




Ah, ah, ah!-I got $10.


She has $10.

50, Wyn.

There you go.

You got it? Working in veganand vegetarian restaurants, I haven't worked with steak, let alone New York stripin a rather long time.

I am very nervous about it, but running around with a budget is definitely somethingthat I'm pretty used to doing.

Go get 'em, James! Hi, welcome back.

And I'm thinking in my head, what would you wantat a steakhouse? Mac and cheese,Brussels sprouts, a side salad,some sort of potato.

When you're trying to cook on abudget, it's not very possible.

I grab the onions, the purplecabbage, the tomatoes, lettuce, and I'm thinking,"If you can get a nice salad, you got red wine vinegaron your station, you got some olive oilon your station.

" Two, three, four.

You can makethis New York strip steak with some caramelized onions,crispy potatoes, with a nice fresh salad.

As I grab these red potatoes, I realize that I could blanchthem really nice, cut them a little bit thicker, toss them into the fryer,give them a nice crust on it.

A lot of veggiesgoing on here.

My total for this checkoutis $9.

39, and I just am under $9.


Their grocery listsare almost identical besides one has cabbage,one has eggplant.

So I'm interested to see how that's gonnaset the two dishes apart.

JAMES: Right when I get backto my station, I figure these potatoes aregonna probably take the longest.

Let's get them in the waterso they're nice and fork-tender before you drop theminto the fryer and give them a nice crust.

Making crispy potatoes,a nice fresh salad, and then a New York strip steak.

I grab my steaks.

I throw a little bitof salt and pepper, and, you know, that's alla real good piece of meat needs.

I threw them in my oven tofinish cooking a little bit.

My plan for the onionsis brown the butter a bit, toss those onions in there, throw a little bitof sugar into it to help geta nice caramelized onion.

I got to get that meat on now.

So, for this steakhouse dinner, I'm gonna makethis grilled New York strip.

Where's the can opener?.

And eggplant ragout,some potatoes, and some kind of saladout of this romaine.

First thing I do is I getthose steaks on the grill, get them nicely marked.

Come on!Cook, baby, cook! These grills in FlavortownMarket are extremely hot.

AYESHA: Ann,please don't burn yourself.

And you want to be careful withthe flame charring the steak and putting a burnt tasteon it.


How do you like your steaks,chefs? -I'm a medium-rare guy.


I get everything I needfor the ragout chopped and into the pan cooking.

Eggplant ragout is justthis wonderful combination of olive oil and garlicand peppers and the tomatoesand the seasoning.

It's just fabulous.

GUY:What do you got going here? JAMES: I got your favorite –steak fries.

You can pull the basket out,you know? Yeah, but I likeliving dangerous.

Live on the edge, buddy.

Thank you, Chef.

JAMES: I'm chopping up theromaine lettuce for my salad, a nice thin sliceon the cabbage, gutted my tomatoes,started tossing it all together with a little bit of salt,pepper, red pepper flakes, to make a nice fresh,bright salad.

$20,000 is a lot of money, but there's no amount of money that I could ever givemy parents for helping me out so muchwith my daughter.

But if I win the money, I'm hoping that my parentsare gonna be really proud.

My students — we competein culinary competitions.

I love to empower the students, and one of the reasonsI'm here today is to show themthat you can go for it, and you can reach for the starsand for your dreams.

Ann,how we doing over here? They're still pretty rare.

But they havereally pretty markings.

Steak's pretty rare.

I'm poking it and I can tell –not there yet.

I don't have time for that.

So, now I have to start workingon my salad.

Normally with this salad, which is one of likemy specialties, there's red onion and celery, and I don't have it.

Oh, man.

I need cheese.

-90 seconds.

I wanted some Romano andmozzarella, but too expensive.

Once again,this salad isn't gonna have the exact flavorsI'm looking for, but hopefully this grillingis gonna bring it home.

30 seconds.

Okay, okay.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Stop working.

[ Applause ] Ann likes the pressure.

All right,here we are, judges.

This is Game 3 ofour "Breakfast, Lunch,and Dinner Cook-off".

The chefs finishedthese high-stakes games with a steakhouse dinner.

Chef Ann, you are first.

Please tell us,what did you make? I made a New York steak with a butter glazeand eggplant ragout, roasted potatoes witha little bit of garlic and salt and pepper and some ofthe drippings from the steak.

MARC:You did a really cool thing.

You grilled some romaine,which I really liked.

But these vegetablesare extremely mushy.

They are actually overcooked.

My steak is cooked to my liking.

I wanted to like the eggplant.

I think that just, you know,sautéing in a hotter sauté pan would have gotten that nicecaramelization and not allowed all that oilto kind of saturate it.

These potatoes –they're well-seasoned.

All kinds of great flavors.

It just kind of isn't all there.

My eggplant is a little mushy, but that's kind ofhow we serve it, actually.

But the steak is cooked well.

I know the flavor's good,so I got a shot here.

All right,thank you very much, judges.

Up next, Chef James.

I got a Chicago-style steakhousesteak for you guys with caramelized onions on top, a nice little fresh salad withsome red wine vinaigrette on it, a little bit of paprikaon the potatoes.

So for a vegan chef,this is a great steak.

It's full of flavor,and I like that.

I love the caramelized onionson top.

The salad, for me, falls flat, but I love the seasoningon the potatoes, so overall, I thinkyou did a great job.


Thank you.

I liked the way you cookedthe meat, but I have a little concern.

By putting so much sugarin your onions, the onions did taste great, but that sweetness gotinto the meat, and it made the meata little too sweet, which bothered me a bit.

But I'm pretty pleased.

Thank you so much.

This was definitelya difficult challenge.

It's sink-or-swim at this point.

All right.

Thank you very much, judges.

Chefs, nice work.

Hard battle.

Long battle.

I'm gonna ask you to returnback to the kitchens.

The judges will deliberate.

When we have an answer,we'll call you back.

-Thank you.

-Thank you so much.

When you doa steakhouse dinner, it has to look and tastelike a steakhouse dinner.

One of these didand one of these didn't.

All right, judges.

Thank you very much.

Let's bring the chefs back in,please.

We did breakfast, we did lunch,we did steakhouse.

One chef goes home,the other gets a chance to shop Flavortown Marketfor up to 20,000 bucks.

The chef that will winand get a chance to do the shopping will be.

Chef James.

Congratulations, buddy.


Thank you, guys.

-Chef Ann.

-Thank you.

You said you were hereto set an example.

You were doing itfor your students.

And I will say that everybodyat your school that's watching this right now should be incredibly proudof you.

Chef Ann,you did an incredible job, but Chef James' meal was moresteakhouse than yours was, but you can walk awaywith this knowing that you're still a winner andyou've made your kids proud.

-Thank you.

-Give me a hug.

ANN:This experience has reallytaught me a lot — to go out thereand put yourself on the line and to be judged by others,that's a pretty scary thing, and as a teacher,I think I could have a lot more compassion andunderstanding of my students.

Give it up for our champ,James.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Too pumped right now.

It's an amazing feeling.

What will you dowith the money that you win? My daughter,towards her education, my folks helping them out,do something for them.

They're everything for me.

They're my support system,you know? All right, brother,step into my office here.

My daughter –she's gonna be so proud and so happy and so excited.

-Two minutes onthe clock here, Chef James.


GUY: For every itemthat you find on the list and put in the basket,you'll get $2,000.

All 10 items in the basket,you'll win.


We're gonna do this in 3.

go, quick! 2.


Go! Breakfast radishes, buddy! JAMES: I'm running to Aisle 1looking for breakfast radishes.

I don't know exactlywhat a breakfast radish is.

Let's grab these purples ones.

Go for capers! There you go.

Very nice.

Blender carafe.

When Julianna finds out thatI won, she's gonna be ecstatic.

Just yelling at me like, "Willyou buy me all these toys?" 10-ounce tempurabatter mix.

I see all the Asian stuff,so I grabbed it, threw it straight in the basket.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Canned root vegetable! He's got 1:10 left,and he could do this.


Canned root.

There we go.

Go, go, go! Beef dinner cat food! Yum, yum, yum.

My mom and my dadare gonna be so proud of me.

My mom's gonna knowthat she helped me out so much through this with everythingthat she's taught me in cooking and groceriesand in life.

Oh, you found flap–Go, man! Go, go, go! English breakfast tea! PB&J in one jar! I see the swirl of peanut butterand jelly in one jar, and I'm grabbing that one.

Come on! Running down for my last one,I got pepper jack cheese.

Pepper jack cheese!Come on, dude! Come on, come on, come on!Sliced pepper jack! -The clock is ticking.

-Sliced pepper — -Whoo!-Yeah! Dude, you mighthave just nailed this.

Let's check this.

I don't know what kindof radish this is.

Purple Ninja radish.

[ Buzzer ] It's not the breakfast radish.

I still get $18,000,and that's amazing.

For $18,000.

I'm gonna help out my folksas much as I can, get my daughtera good education.


Have some good fun with it, and be a little responsiblewith some of it.

That's how we do iton "Triple G".

We'll see you next week.


-Whoo! -Nice job.


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