DYCE – How to make an English breakfast

DYCE – How to make an English breakfast

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome once again to Do You Cook English? In this episode, we are ROLLING OUT and GETTING STUCK IN to the good old English breakfast! And also this week we will be SQUEEZING IN a few phrasal verbs using IN and OUT.

In fact, look at us! The phrasal verbs, I know, are a big favourite with all youFrench speakers! But before we CHECK OUT the recipe, let's have a quick look atthe grammar rules.

Now, please let me introduce you to our chef this week who has just DROPPED IN from Les Cercles Culinaires de France.

This week we are with Yannick, so hello Yannick.

Hello Anna! So chef, let's SORT OUT today's recipe.

And yes, we are TRYING OUT another big French favourite! As you can see this week looking at all our goodies, today we are trying out theEnglish breakfast! You will be FINDING OUT about the British version of the croissant! To BRING IN your first element, TAKE OUT a frying pan, WHIP OUT the sausages and brown them over a medium heat for five minutes.

PUT IN a heatproof dish and PLACE IN the oven for ten minutes.

Turn off the oven but do not TAKE OUT the dish.

So in the meantime, DROP IN the bacon, hash brownsand mushrooms and brown over a high heat for five minutes.

LEAVE IN until the mushrooms are soft, the bacon crispy and the hash browns golden.

PLACE IN the oven to keep them warm, and now PLAN OUT the rest of the recipe.

Take a small saucepan and POUR IN the baked beans and heat them over a medium heat, stirring frequently.

Finally, DROP an egg INTO the same saucepan, and fry.

Meanwhile take your bread and POP IT IN the toaster.

Now, TAKE OUT the warm plate from the oven we mustn’t LEAVE OUT the seasoning, so CHOP IN some parsley and serve immediately.

And now, just time to TUCK IN.

Now let's see how this has COME OUT, let’s have a quick look It looks delicious! So, just to DROP IN a quick point, this is sadly one of the fewBritish dishes that is not served with wine.

We usually just POUR OURSELVES OUT a nice cup of tea.

as you can see! So let's DIG IN and until next time on Do You Cook English? from both myself and from Yannick Cheers! Cheers!.

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