Healthy things to have for breakfast

Healthy things to have for breakfast

Healthy things to have for breakfast – Essentialfoods in a healthy breakfast.


It is essential to eat protein for a healthybreakfast, to activate your metabolism and burn calories while also controls your appetite.

Good choices include eggs, meat, fish, yogurt, beans, tofu, nuts or proteinpowder (dietary supplement).


To accompany proteins, you can add vegetables,which help balance the acidity that may cause proteins.

This is very important if you aredoing any physical activity because it prevents the formation of lacticacid that occurs after a great physical effort, which usually brings muscle aches.

Some ofthe vegetables that you can include are spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard.

Essential fats.

Essential fats are also necessary for optimalinsulin function, maintain cell membranes and good control of blood sugar.

Thus, a nutritiousand healthy breakfast should include any food rich in omega 3.

Thiscan be found in vegetables like avocado, meats and fish or dried fruits.

Other foods richin mono-saturated fats as olives and olive oil are also good for thebody.

You can also consider adding coconut oil instead of lard to fry the food, whichcontains lauric acid, a great anti- inflammatory component.

Try this also.

You can cook these foods at night, and leavethem ready for the next morning.

Remember that in this way your day will start betterand it will help you maintain a healthier diet for the rest of the day.

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