Inside Education | New Breakfast and Lunch Menu Items

Inside Education | New Breakfast and Lunch Menu Items

For years school lunches and breakfast items haven't always received a lot of respect.

The CCSD Food Service Department has been taking some big steps to come up with new and exciting menu optionsand also bringing back items that haven't been on the menu for several years.

Here's a look at a few items that will expand breakfast and lunch options in the coming months.

We have our dark, leafy vegetables.

We have our red/orange, which would be our tomatoes and carrots as well as peppers, another group that consistsof mushrooms and onions.

The great thing about putting a salad bar in a school, according to CCSD registereddietitian Christina Saheb, is students are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables.

Starting this fall, 25 schools will have a salad bar just like this one.

If it's successful, the plan is to expand salad bars to 50 schools, then potentially all schools in the District.

Saheb says in the future, it may not be limited just to salads.

(Christina Saheb) A lot of schools also do themed salad bars like a baked potato one or doing a fresh pasta option so they can put their vegetables on there with a marinara sauce.

So there's lots of different possibilities.

There's also something new coming to the breakfast menu.

It's called the breakfast bowl: Two slices of turkey bacon, deli roaster potatoes and scrambled eggs, providing 12 grams of protein.

We noticed when we started working here there was not a lot of protein options for the breakfast items.

They did have a breakfast sandwich, but that was at the secondary level.

So we wanted to get scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, just having more protein options for them.

Districtwide, eggs have been missing from the menu for a while.

Parent and student surveys helped bring them back.

We like to get their input, and we did finda lot of them wanted eggs.

When we did survey them, they were saying we want eggs.

When you think of breakfast, a lot of people do think of that as their choice.

Plan to see the breakfast bowl debut in September or October.

We have taste testing with our staff as well as the students, and from there we picked the patties everybody likes.

-So this is the one that won? -This is the one that won.

Also new is the veggie burger.

It is a soy veggie patty that will be served with lettuce and tomato.

It has a teriyaki flavor and provides 10 grams of protein.

The other dietitian and I wanted veggie burgers on the menu to have another option for not only vegetarians but for everyone, because veggie burgers are really good.

There are other new items in the planning stage.

Some of them will be showcased during the "Taste It Tuesday" program which allows the Food Service Department to gauge the interest of students.

Ultimately it's about providing good and healthy options for students.

I think it's our passion, you know? It really is our passion that we want the kids to eat and to enjoy what they eat, and to get rid of the whole stereotype that school nutrition is not nutritious, it's not good.

So we're trying to get away from that.

While there are a lot of ideas for new menu items, here's the tough part: Complying with stringent federal standards for school meals.

There are standards on the amount of whole grains that need to be included and restrictions on the amount of fat and calories as well.

The CCSD Food Service Department is responsible for 1.

2 million meals each week.

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