Polish army 24H ration SR-G-3 – unpacking and breakfast (2014)

Polish army 24H ration SR-G-3 – unpacking and breakfast (2014)

Welcome to the Polish army because of reviews – 24 hour -menu 3 This ration was packed by Arpol from Zielona Gora The bag is not easy opening system – we use the knife There are a lot of elements 2 cans 300g Unfortunately, they do not have stickers one of them is a stew, and the second meatballs in tomato sauce but I do not know which is which pork luncheon meat – crackers a luncheon, but poultry 2 packages of biscuits rye bread – crispbread drink tea with lemon flavor – 2 pcs drink tea with raspberry flavor another lemon and raspberry 5 have tea drinks cereal bar flavored with fig large, dark chocolate raspberry jam honey another bread Mix dried fruits set for heating 3 sets of cutlery accessories 4 cups 2 packets of coffee pack of sugar 3 towelettes 3 Sweet coffee 2 packs salt and pepper 3 Chewing Gum 3 candy vitamin C 4 water purification tablets napkin trash bag 2-lined bags the rest of the pack because you can special bag for water purification This is a lot and do not fit in the frame This is the contents of breakfast according to the enclosed information – A meal additionally we have instructions on how to prepare crispbread luncheon meat, poultry 72% Turkey 13% pork producer: Falcons The main dish is meatballs in tomato sauce I could not read which can is which, but I found on Google drink tea, lemon – packed in Poland, prawdopdobnie manufactured in Poland It contains an extract of black tea, lemon juice, sugar, etc.

flower honey – Polish coffee candy with wit.

C mint gum, made in Germany to heat the main course we have set for heating also produced in Poland we have several languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Russian, Arabic and 2 more, which I can not identify – can someone help me we have 12 tablets of fuel a pack of matches and 3 Fusee plastic bag and a holder for holding hot cans This handle is made in France we must first place your stove -We can handle it then fold in 2 ways not so easy It begins to burn I open the can and place it on the stove We start with drinks coffee lemon tea This time I do hot – it should taste better you need to choose the right set – one has only a small spoon and fork second additional large spoon and knife I choose this because they have to cut canned confusion we have honey which crystallized, but it does not affect the taste canned chicken and turkey opens easily This is not a pie – it is hard you have to cut into slices my knife broke Unfortunately, all these utensils are the cheapest and not very good quality if you open the can, and do not eat the whole You can close it You should eat within 2 hours I heated the main course, and use the handle I'm sorry -robiÄ™ the first time I used two heat the tablets and 20 min I heat the outside of the house – as it should be despite the wind well heated up we put it into a bowl it's not meatballs it jumble! 🙂 what a surprise, but it happens to be in the field;) wrong codes.

but smells good, so dinner will meatballs crispbread – is as expanded polystyrene Not bad Now with luncheon meat slightly salty, pretty cool like canned chicken – good Now with honey Honey is always good Adds energy good coffee, but this cup is too much, should be stronger the next time you use less water tea beverage version is better than the cold but for me a little too sweet Now the main course stew of sausage (45%) sauerkraut tomato puree Spices tastes like Polish bigos It is really good perhaps a little too soft-overdone but taste pretty good the dish is no single recipe added various things For example, I give red wine prunes, fungi This base sauerkraut, sausage, meat You can add different types of meat the venison but for purchasing the product It is pretty good I will add here and crackers as a gundog because it does not fit here there is no sauce with something that is cabbage Thank you very much and see you in the next part of this review.

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